The new international platform and meeting point for Fuel Retail, Handling and Distribution in Asia.

Asia Fuel Retail Conference 26th & 27th June 2018

Theme: “Technology & The Future of Fuel Retail in Asia"

This conference will address a number of fundamental issues that are affecting the Asian fuel retail and distribution markets as follows:

  • Deregulation Update
  • Payment Transactions
  • Cash V Digital
  • Loyalty, Mobiles & Technology on the Service Station
  • The growing importance of local Food & Shop Services
  • Latest Developments on Fuel Delivery ex Storage Terminal to End User
  • Fuel Service Station Standards & Open Certification

International speakers from oil companies, suppliers and organisations will be announced from January 2018. If your company would like to present paper or organise specific workshop around this important event in Kuala Lumpur next June, please contact our representative office in Kuala Lumpur or email

Carl Clump

Moderator: Carl Clump – BWD Advisory Singapore

Carl Clump has experience of being the CEO of a public listed company on the London Stock Exchange, an AIM listed company, a private equity backed company and two start-ups, as well as being Group Managing Director for a VC backed entity. He holds a number of Non-executive and advisory roles.

Until July 2014, he was the chairman of the cards and payment division of a European Private Bank. He is currently the chairman of Swift Networks Group Ltd (ASX: SW1). He is a special advisor to Jacanda Capital and Boardroom Capital, boutique advisory companies headquartered in Sydney and Perth respectively.

He has also advised an Asia-Pacific organisation on the launch of a specialist payment product and has recently advised other companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and UK.

He spent some 13 years with Texaco, where he served as European Marketing Coordinator, selecting retail technology for Texaco’s European companies; Manager of the UK’s Marketing and Planning Division, as well as a series of roles in Retail Management, Logistics and Finance and Economics.

In 2000, Carl founded Retail Decisions, an international card issuing and fraud prevention company, with many of the world’s leading brands as customers. Its customers include Banks, Payment Service Providers, Retailers, Airlines and Oil Companies. He was the Chief Executive from 2000 until 2011. The Company was listed on the London Stock Exchange until 2006 when Carl took the company private. He retired as the company’s Group Chairman in March 2013.

Prior to Retail Decisions, Carl was the Chief Executive of Card Clear plc., an AIM listed company involved in payments, card issuing, loyalty, currency exchange and fraud prevention. From 1993 to 1998, he served as the Group Managing Director of the Harpur Group, an issuer of fuel cards. Based in France, he was the President- Directeur General of TEPAR a consortium of European card issuing oil companies from 1989 to 1993. Carl has an MBA from the Cranfield School of Management, a post-graduate diploma in Management Studies and a University of London Degree in Physics.

He has lived and worked in France, Belgium, UK, USA, Australia, and most recently, Singapore