The new international platform and meeting point for Fuel Retail, Handling and Distribution in Asia.


PetrolWorld targets the fuel retail and distribution markets. This includes the Fuel Retail Service Station Networks, Commercial Fuels (including Aviation& Marine Fuels), Distribution Logistics and Lubricant’s. It is also concerned with ancillary services around the fuel service station including the convenience store.

The PetrolWorld Fuel Retail & Distribution Conference with supporting Expo and supporting seminars is about creating a key “Local & International Meeting Point” for the industry. With the trade event being held in Kuala Lumpur, there will be a special focus on the ASEAN fuel retail market region. With PetrolWorld's geographical reach, we are expecting participation from the rest of Asia, Middle East and some parts of Africa. As Ramadan ends on 14th June, we are expecting Delegates from the Middle East, Pakistan and Indonesia.


The Asia Pacific region is the most significant developing fuel retail region in the world along with Latin America. The Asia Pacific region demand for energy is likely to rise by 50% and oil by 40% over the coming 2 decades. On the fuel supply side development of the fuel retail network and fuel distribution infrastructure are a huge challenge.

In Malaysia and Singapore fuel retail markets, employing tech-nology (mobile payments), loyalty programme and generating revenues from ancillary services like the c-store are now fundamental to network development. The Philippines has seen a transformation of the fuel retail network in terms of independent players like Eastern Petroleum, Phoenix Petroleum and Seaoil Franchise. In Australia and Myanmar, we have seen the arrival of new global players like Puma Energy and Viva.

China and India have witnessed a revolution in fuel retail network numbers where consolidation remains a key strategy. Companies like Bharat Petroleum have a loyalty programme with +2 million members!

PetrolWorld has covered all these regions over the last 12 years and held forum events in all of the countries mentioned above. The PW Asia Fuel Retail & Distribution Conference in June 2018 will be the key meeting point platform for both local and international markets.


PetrolWorld who is organizing the event, is the only established international business media platform operating in Asia since 1998 that is focused on the fuel retail, handling and distribution markets.